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Sun, 23 Sep 00:54:03 EDT
Premium Postings

Chemistry tutorial workbook 

Books & Magazines > All states & metros

An excellent resource for pre-nursing, clep, and correspondence chemistry; this is a unique diy workbook for the calculations of basic college chemistry including how to do dimensional analysis, all mole calculations, balance equations, empirical and molecular formulas, ph calculations, ho...

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Happiness today life (Baltimore) 

Books & Magazines > Maryland > Baltimore

Follow the principles within this new guide & create true happiness everyday of your life!

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Pulse - the chatox connection (Baltimore) 

Books & Magazines > Maryland > Baltimore

Feel the pulse in this chatbox connection dorothy ‘doty’ meets ‘lovejava’ francis across the social platform, online and francis falls in love instantly on their very first date – a marvelous date with an ugly twist. unbeknown to dorothy, francis’ computer twisted mind secretly exper...

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Bride prize (Baltimore) 

Books & Magazines > Maryland > Baltimore

The bride prize is a tale of pride of farmwork, and the desire to excel. the glory and the rewards that come with taking the lead at a farm meet, to prove one’s prowess at wielding the big hoe. but unbridled love for the bride leads to treachery and abduction. download this exciting novel ...

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