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Lose Weight in a Flash! A Neuro-Vision® Video Hypnosis Program Presented by: Mental Innovations!

Posted on Sun, 24 Mar 21:10 EDT
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Most diets work, if you can stick to them. The best diets in the world will fail if you
dont follow them! The problem is your appetite is out of control!
If you are strong willed enough, you might be able to lose weight.

But you will always be fighting your cravings, because the core problem has not been

If you are overweight, your body has an excess of stored nourishment. The feeling of
"Hunger" you feel is your brains interpretation of appetite, and not hunger at all.
Appetite is the desire for gratification of some want, craving or passion. Your eating for
relief of stress, a programmed response or a compulsion! All these aspects are
manifestations of your mind! Your conscious mind wants to loss weight while the
subconscious wants to gain it! The subconscious usually wins!

But what if you could change what you desired? What if you could focus on the cause of
problem, and adjust it to fit your conscious decision for a healthy lifestyle?!

The answer is simple,
Change Your Mind!


Hypnosis to reprogram your base desire!

Hypnosis is a medium that you can use to modify your unconscious thoughts. It can rapidly
alter the way you think, feel, and behave. No struggling, no frustration and NO FAILURE!.
It is as easy as relaxing, then listening and watching to some media recordings!Too good
to be TRUE you say! Hypnosis has been misrepresented by the media, especially for
entertainment. Real hypnosis does work!

Use the Combined Power Of Hypnosis and Video to Automatically Lose Weight.
Video hypnosis works because it reaches deep into the part of the brain where unwanted
habits take root, the unconscious.
If you are familiar with hypnosis, then you know it can rapidly change the way we think,
feel, and behave. Its the alpha level of consciousness. You pass through this
daydream-like state as you fall asleep at night. And you pass through it again as you
awaken in the morning. You also do it several times a day and are not even aware of it!
Have you ever "zoned out" staring at a campfire? Drifted off into a daydream? Missed a
turn while driving because you were thinking about something else?
You were hypnotized!
Research has proven that when you are watching TV, you are in this alpha state for
two-thirds of your viewing time, so you are actually in the state of hypnosis! And that
gives video the amazing ability to alter and compel human behavior.

And the sweetest thing of all... they didnt need any willpower or costly treatments. They
experienced automatic and fast results because their mind was scientifically programmed to
eat healthy and not crave the unhealthy foods. If youre ready to experience the same
powerful results, as thousands of successful overweight people have, then youll be
thrilled with this video weight loss hypnosis breakthrough!

 But thats not all!
For a limited time, we will include as a Bonus: "Vaporize Your Appetite!" Audio Hypnosis
CDs for FREE!
With the purchase of "Lose Weight in a flash!"
Thats a $50.00 value!

Dont be fooled by the Miracle Pill or the Promise You The World Diet! Shed those pounds
safely and permanently! You stay thin because it is "normal" for you! A program like this
would cost $1000 to $1500 in a therapists office. Now you can do it in your own home for a
fraction of the price!

Being overweight has been linked to many disorders like Diabetes, Hypertension and
elevated Cholesterol levels to name a few! Get the slim sexy shape you want and reduce
your risk factors at the same time! ACT NOW!

Visit us at

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