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Forskolin Fat Burner Extract

Posted on Sat, 3 Sep 20:48 EDT
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What is Forskolin?
​Forskolin - is an herb that is naturally found in the Indian Coleus plant (i.e. 
plectranthus barbatus), a member of the coleus flora species. Its commonly found in 
tropical climates. 
What Does Forskolin Do For You?
Forskolin - is an antioxidant and is known to possess weight loss properties. As a 
naturally occurring compound, Forskolin triggers the enzyme adenylyl cyclase and boosts 
levels of cyclic AMP and/or cAMP.
cAMP - has a significant cellular effect activating a panoply of hormonal stimuli 
responses, having both pituitary and hypothalamic functions.
In laymanís term this means 
that Forskolin acts as the nexus, or the synopsis between the body and the lymphatic 
glands, basically triggering the production of hormone sensitive lipase.
When coupled 
with a good dieting plan and exercise can result in weight loss.
Lipase - a.k.a. lipid can stimulate the cAMP levels, thus raising the thyroid hormones 
increasing the bodies ability to burn fat more easily.
Simply stated, it increases the 
production of lipolytic,
fat-burning enzymes, as well as fat-burning hormones making 
Forskolin​ a truly wonderful dieting supplement.
Forskolin - can help you target problem areas like belly fat, thick thighs, and those 
dreadful love handles that so many men experience with getting older.
Is Forskolin Safe?
Forskolin - empirical data indicates that Forskolin is shown to have very few adverse 
side-effects, although some studies have shown marginal pro & con effects on blood 
pressure, blood sugar, and weight loss results.
Forskolin appears to benefit men more 
then women, but not enough studies have been done to be dispositive.
Forskolin - if taken as recommended on the bottle, along with proper dieting, exercise 
and medical supervision, Forskolin may prove to be safe and show positive results over 
time for both men and women.
Forskolin - most noticeably reduces body mass in men and women; increases bone mass 
for men and women; and increases levels of testosterone in men.
Forskolin - also promotes reduced body mass and prohibits gains in body mass, thus 
stabilizing and controlling weight loss due to healthy dieting plans.
Forskolin - may reduce hunger pangs and fatigue.
Forskolin - according to empirical data showed no adverse effects on lymphatic immune 
system functions.
This evidence, as stated above, that strongly suggests Forskolin can 
actually increase production of lymphatic enzymes and hormones in the body.
All of these 
indicators appear to have positive effects and may lead to weight loss and a healthy life 

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