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Buy Ecstasy 100mg

Posted on Sun, 23 Feb 16:0 EDT
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Buy Ecstasy online commonly known as ecstasy, is a psychoactive drug primarily used as a 
recreational drug. The desired effects include altered sensations and increased energy, 
empathy, and pleasure. When taken by mouth, effects begin after 3045 minutes and last 36 
hours.Molly, the name of which is taken from the word molecule, is a purer form of 
Ecstasy. The main ingredient in both is MDMA, a type of methamphetamine. When taken, 
either drug induces feelings of extreme euphoria. The user also may feel an increase of 
energy, as well as a lost sense of time and a strong emotional attachment to those around 
them. Both drugs are available in tablet or capsule form. The purest form of Molly is a 
crystal-like powder, usually sold in capsules. The effects of either Molly or Ecstasy last 
between three to six hours.

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