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Vagitone Wand - Instant Vaginal Tightening

Posted on Mon, 10 Dec 17:54 EDT
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Are you unsatisfied with your sex life, or simply want more out of it? The Vagitone Wand 
has you covered! Our wand will increase sexual pleasure for both, and/or all partners by 
using the 5 natural ingredients. Each ingredient individually does something special (see 
ingredient list above). The Vagitone Wand will tighten the inner vaginal walls which will 
increase the surface area of the g-spot and cause more friction on the vaginal nerve 
endings causing a fuller and more fulfilling orgasm for everyone!

The wand consists of only 5 natural ingredients (Madura Grassroot, Borneol, Pearl Powder, 
Honeysuckle, Alum) that are known for their healing and rejuvenation benefits that have 
also been used for centuries by many eastern cultures to reverse and restore their vaginal 

The best part about using natural ingredients is the tightening effects are instant and 
safe, unlike other methods that can take months before you begin to see results. The 
Vagitone Wand works within seconds of using it!

These are a few benefits of those ingredients: 

Improves Intimacy, Pleasure, and Orgasms
Safe To Use With No Side Effects
Instant Results In Only 30 Seconds
Restores Vaginal Elasticity
Increases Surface Area Of The G-Spot
Compatible With Multiple Partners
Effects Last Up To 2 - 3 Days

Visit to learn more!


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