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Happy Chinese New Year

Posted on Tue, 31 Jan 21:18 EDT
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Chinese New Year is the Traditional Start of Spring. In the Philippines it is 
normally celebrated on the third week of January, Which is Jan 28, Saturday and is 
observed as a special non working holiday. Here, Filipino-Chinese communities 
celebrate Chinese New Year with family and friends for fiesting and little fireworks. 
I remember going to boning and seeing the celebration first hand. The whole place is 
decorated; everybody is happy, lots of food on sale and is best for you to walk. You 
can see a lot of dragon and lion dancers on streets and establishments dancing on the 
beat of oriental drums. They say dragons and lions are a symbol of great power, 
dignity, fertility, wisdom and auspiciousness. The lion symbolizes success, 
prosperous, fearlessness and joy. The celebration is also in aspiration of attracting 
good fortune, strong family ties and to ward off evil spirits. Famous on these 16 day 
festival season is the tikoy. A Chinese sticky sweet treat that symbolizes the 
attraction of good luck and a strong sticky family bond.
Lucky foods to eat during 
Chinese New Year have been observed because of their symbolism and meaning. To start 
is the all time favorite noodles. A symbol of happiness and longevity to the eater.

Sweet Rice Balls which symbolizes Family togetherness, reunion and being with each 

Chinese Dumplings which means Wealth.
A different Dumpling Fillings Have different 
meaning some adds a copper coin in the dumpling and the one who eats it is lucky 
enough to become rich and wealthy. Traditionally, dumplings with cabbage and radish 
are also eaten, implying that ones skin will become healthy and ones outlook will 
become successful. Fish is for Increase in Prosperity. Another famous food is fruits. 
We can all agree that this is something that is always mentioned on TV and radio 
programs on Chinese New Year.
They symbolize Good Fortune, Fullness and Wealth
Fruits eaten and sometimes decorated as centre pieces during the Chinese New Year 
period are tangerines, oranges, and pomelos. They are handpicked because they are 
round and "golden" in color, symbolizing fullness and wealth. Chinese New Year 
fruits, again eaten or displayed, like tangerines and oranges is believed to bring 
good luck and fortune. While eating pomelos is thought to bring continuous 
prosperity. Of course the more you eat the more wealth it will bring. Finally there 
are a lot more to mention but in the Philippines we believe these are the most common 

To help you on your New Year shopping we are suggesting machines that will help you 
in rice cakes and rice balls. WE have the LK-300 STD Threshers Threshing drum ton 
ensures high percentage of separation recovery (99-100%).Shaker separates palay 
grains from fine wastes.2 blowers with air control for regulated blowing to separate 
clean palay grains from fine wastes.Tires, hitchpoint and holes for towing bar to 
transport with an ease. Compact and Portable Corn Mill with Corn Sifter and Aspirator 
Compact and PortableConsists of a degerminator and pin-type milling assembly, 
Replaceable milling screens to mill different sizes, Constructed from locally 
available materials, With corn sifter and aspirator. Heavy Duty 1-1.2 Tons Tool box 
and Chair Trailer Tool box and chair at the same time. 1 Ha / Day Floating Tiller, 
Double Clutch SK-160 with Ride-on Tractor Clutch for tightening of the belt. Guide 
for plowing. Makes the tiller float. RMD - LK66 6 Tons Recirculating Grain Dryer,Big 
Garbage Shredder With Durable Blades With dust pin for air cleaning and dust 
collection,Control panel with automatic temperature controller and grain level 
indicator and individual motor control/ ON-OFF push button, Bagging bin with dust 
piping for dust control, Loading
/ discharge augers made of SS material, Roller / 
cutter grain unloader made of SS material, Sprocket and chain drive for grain 
unloader, Provided with intake loading platform, Catwalks, maintenance, ladders and 
belt guards, with built-in grain spreader.

We also have Fireworks	Ground Spinning Fireworks, 90 Crackling Assault, Golden 
Spinners Fountain, 7 Shots Pearl Of EastAssorted Small Luces, Paguding Special 
Fountain, Pagoda Special Fountain, Big Pagoda Triangle Special Fountain, Crackling 
Fountain with 10 Balls Roman Candle, Fullr.c with Crackling Fountain, Golden Eagle 
Fountain, Lights And Stars Fireworks, Party Popper, Lion Dance Fireworks, Rain Of 
Fire FireworksRed And Green Luces, Enchanting Glitters Fireworks, Pavane Fireworks, 
Rings Of Fire Fountain, 2" New Year Celebration Fireworks, Kwites Fireworks, 
Prosperity Fountain, Crackling Flower Fountain, Ras Dashen Fountain, Lucky Fountain, 
Small And Jumbo Silver Fountain, Vikings Voyage Fireworks, Titan Fireworks, Roman 

We also have Noodles Misua A thin white wheat based dried noodle originated from 
Fujian, China. It is best used in noodle soups. Efuven & Fettucine Italian inspired 
wheat flour based fried noodles made from the high quality wheat flour and fresh eggs 
which gives its natural color.Fresh Noodles Variants Medium Size Noodles, Small Size 
Noodles Packing 500 grams, 225 grams. Super Choice Golden Bihon Packing 227 grams, 
500 grams and 12 kilos. HOBE Special Bihon HOBE Special Bihon is made using state-of-
the-art production processes from only the finest-milled cornstarch yet maintaining 
the same taste and quality of traditional bihon noodles. Its firmness and smoothness 
make it ideal for soups, stir fries and other oriental dishes. Hobe Express Discover 
the true taste of Bihon in 4 easy steps (Boil, Drain, Season, and Serve) with HOBE 
Express Instant Bihon. Enjoy the delicious and savoury flavours of authentic bihon in 
an instant. Quick and easy to prepare, it will definitely make you ask for more!

We also have FruitsBanana (Saba or Cavendish), Avocado (Puree or any cut), VHT/HWT 
Mango, Mango

You can also choose from Decorations Apple Fruit design Abaca Fiber Hanging lamp, 
Pear Fruit Design Abaca Fiber Hanging lamp, Light Green , Orange Fruit Design 
Abaca Fiber Hanging lamp, Apricot - Decorative Candles, Green Samurai Neem Aroma 
Candle Neem Aroma Candle naturally repels mosquitoes because it contains organic 
extract derived from neem trees, keeping you safe from mosquito bites especially from 
dengue carrying pest. In addition, it releases small, continuous, and subtle aromatic 
essential oil that sooths and enhance your state of mind. Blackberry - Scented 
Candles, GC45 - Glass Candles, Worn Horseshoe Home Ornament for Goodluck Home Decor / 
Home Ornament, Made of Worn, For Goodluck, Frame Made of Mahogany, Free glover left, 
Comes with box for Gift Set.

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