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Two KastKing Sharky II Waterproof Spinning Reels

Posted on Thu, 4 Aug 11:27 EDT
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KastKing, a division of Eposeidon, Inc., introduced a truly unique spinning reel in 2016, 
viz., the KastKing Sharky II Waterproof Spinning Reel. The Sharky II’s recent i
introduction to the family of KastKing reels has made a huge splash in the fishing gear i
industry, but it also can take a splash. 
The Sharky II, the successor of the KastKing® Sharky, underwent 3 years of development & h
holds 20 new design patents. It is built to withstand the harshest conditions & s
submersion in saltwater for up to three minutes. 
The Sharky II features 10 superior quality shielded stainless steel ball bearings & an 
instant stop anti-reverse bearing. It received an upgraded newly designed spool with w
waterproof carbon fiber drags that is stronger, 10% lighter, and casts 10% further than i
its predecessor. 
The Sharky II also has a best-in-class carbon fiber drag system. The Sharky II 4000 g
generates 28.5 lbs. of maximum drag, while the 6000 has an incredible 41.5 lbs. of m
maximum drag, & the strength of its brass gears was been increased by 30%.
Sharky II’s handle cogs were re-engineered for a more exact fit. Reinforcement was added t
to the reel body for less torsional flex, yet, it remains light weight for its size & m
multiple features. 
“KastKing took their best-selling Sharky spinning reel & made it even more spectacular! T
The new Sharky II reel is lighter, stronger, & is now waterproof. 
Fishing reels are obviously made to be around water, but every fisherman knows that when 
saltwater gets inside your reel, it will corrode the reel’s internal components, and the r
reel is ruined. The Sharky II offers protection from full immersion in saltwater up to 3 m
The Sharky II has a patented design waterproofing seal system that repels a three-minute 
plunge and keeps on fishing,” says Eposeidon marketing director, Tom Gahan. “Kayak 
anglers and saltwater surf fishing fans, whose fishing tackle tends to get soaked, will 
love the Sharky II spinning reel’s features.”
The new Sharky II operates on a 10 high performance shielded bearings +1 shielded instant 
anti-reverse bearing system that is about as trouble-free as can be. Highly versatile, 
the Sharky II can be used effectively in a wide variety of river, stream, lake, or 
saltwater applications with mono, flouro, or braid. It has a Gear Ratio of 5.2:1; 
Superior Carbon Fiber Drag System with Maximum Drag of 28.53 lbs.; Mono Line Capacity 
(lbs.-yds.) = 14-185, 20-125; Retrieval = Interchangeable; & Weight = 11 oz. 
The reviews of the Sharky II are incredible. “Many think that this new KastKing Sharky II 
reel could be the best value spinning reel being sold today. Experts, reviewers, & users 
alike report that this saltwater designed, high-end, waterproof spinning reel outperforms 
every other reel in this size and class. Some of the best mid-size spinning reels in this 
class sell for well over $200. ‘For my money, it is well worth its $50 price tag. I would 
much prefer having a pair of KastKing Sharky II 4000 reels than any one of the $200+ 
brands in this class.’ Remember, KastKing® is an ICAST 2015 award winner (compared to 
Okuma, Penn, Pflueger, Shimano). Indeed, the best feature of the Sharky II could be its 
affordable price.
Although its prices have been expected to skyrocket, its cost has 
remained low & relatively stable. KastKing® Sharky II Spinning Reel MSRPs are: 2000 – $
$65.98, 3000 
$65.98, 3000 – $69.98, 4000 – $71.98, 5000 – $78.98, and 6000 – $94.98. All models have 
been deeply discounted for the product launch. As has been said, ‘The new KastKing Sharky 
II spinning reel could be the best value spinning reel being sold today.’” 
Buy this new KastKing Sharky II reel online, and you can expect to pay anywhere from 
$49.98 to $100.18 for 1 new Sharky II 4000 or $99.96 to $200+ for 2. Follow up on this ad,
ad,and you can buy: 
1 KastKing Sharky II 4000 waterproof spinning reel for $50 or 2 for $90;	
1 with 12 lb. Berkley Trilene XL Clear Mono for $55 or 2 for $100;
1 with 20 lb. Kastking SuperPower Blue Braid for $60 or 2 for $110;
1 with 30 lb. PowerPro Moss Green Braid for $65 or 2 for $120 (recommended).


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