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Count My Money

Posted on Thu, 14 Apr 9:31 EDT
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Money and fame alone is still nothing compared to the little things that evoke your 
emotion of fulfillment. COUNT MY MONEY is a tale of passion for chicken, the fame and 
riches gotten from preparing exquisite chicken soup recipes, and the irresistible 
urge to count money, mixed with a tumble in the dollars which prepares the ground for 
temptation and crime leading to sudden, violent death merely as collateral damage. 

Passion, Money, Love and Bullets… 

Green, the Chicken Giant, is on a retreat at his Greenville Villa with his long time 
lover, Dennis when a duo of die-hard contract thieves, Greg and Angel, are hired to 
hi-jack twenty-million dollars in raw cash en route Green’s villa, just so the 
chicken soup billionaire can get the chance to count his money once again, which 
would inadvertently also end up as his night bedspread. 

But the hijackers hadn’t reckoned with the willy, hard as nails Chief of Internal 
Security of Bank of America, Jonnie, ex-FBI agent who would stop at nothing to ensure 
that the cash is safely delivered. 

In the chase that ensues, ex-marines get blasted with dynamites, as the Angel of 
death leaves a blazing bloody trail... 

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